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Types of Services

We offer a plethora of tree services Spokane to fix any botanical problem and deal with emergencies in the most efficient way. Apart from experience, we’ve also got the right equipment and skilled team members to handle all tree-related services

Tree Removal Spokane

Tree Removal Spokane

Removing hazardous trees is our specialty. A dead tree isn’t just a threat to your property but also ruins the integrity of other trees on your property. Thus, we’re quick to remove trees, keeping your home clean and landscape impeccable.

No matter how skilled of a home DIY-ist you are, tree removal is no child play. If not handled by professionals, it can be quite harmful. Along with injuring yourself, you may end up damaging the property if you try taking on the task. But why go through this trouble when we’re just a call away?

Owing to our experience in the field, we’re aware of the potential hazards of removing fallen or dead trees. We keep all those into consideration to ensure safe tree removal. While we’re at work, we aim to be of no nuisance to the homeowners or their neighbors. We make it quick, secure, and clean.

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Tree Cutting Spokane

Tree Cutting Spokane

Our tree services in Spokane aren’t merely limited to removing trees. We also cut them, ensuring they don’t get in the way. Cutting excess trees can leave open space in your yard for a barbecue or enough room in the driveway for a second car.

Since we’re fully aware of the trees’ anatomy, we ensure no physical damage to the tree while trimming it. You never know when a storm might hit, or the rain may go above the expected levels. When the unpredicted happens, we’re quick to arrive at your address, cutting any damaged trees and making the landscape as beautiful as ever.
Moreover, we also offer stump removal services since stumps are an unsightly presence in your home. Since they can often undergo rooting, there’s always a chance of them causing a problem in your yard. We specialize in carefully removing stumps from your garden so that you don’t have to put up with them anymore.

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Tree Trimming Spokane

Tree Trimming Spokane

Overgrown trees can block pathways and sunlight. Therefore, tree trimming and pruning are very important. A well-trimmed tree is a delight to look at it. Plus, cutting trees from time to time can enhance their lifespan, making them stand taller and longer in your yard.

Keeping your trees pruned and trimmed doesn’t only make your home look attractive – it also increases the property’s value. We’ve worked with trees long enough to know all the right cuts that make a tree look cheerfully shaggy and thick.

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A Blend of Science and Art

Regular pruning and trimming are crucial to sustaining the trees’ health, helping them grow properly and retain their natural appearance. Although DIYs might work amazingly for smaller home improvement projects, they’re not exactly the best way to go when working with the greenery in your home.

The science part of tree management involves a skilled understanding of the plant’s biology. Having been in business for years, we can recognize a tree’s flaws instantly. Moreover, we’re committed to eliminating the defects without halting the tree’s growth or inflicting irreversible damage upon it.

As for the art, it’s the skill of pruning the trees in such a way that the deadwood goes away, leaving behind an aesthetic plant. For landscape lovers, it’s art. On the other hand, perfectionists consider it science. Luckily, we cater to both kinds of homeowners.
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About Our Company

Equipped with years of experience and a team that’s always ready to take on a challenge, we’re one of the most reliable tree doctors in Spokane. Being a rainy town, Spokane homes are often subjected to botanical problems, and we’re always a call away. Offering pruning, cutting, trimming, and removal services, maintaining trees is our forte.

Being tree enthusiasts ourselves, we realize the importance of keeping trees healthy and removing them from the property as quickly as possible if they’re sick beyond saving. That’s why we always have a handful of full-time employees to cater to you whenever you want. Since we’re ISA-certified, our safety standards are second to none.

While we take immense pride in our manual force, we also constantly update our fleet. It currently includes chipper trucks, mini lifts, chippers, aerial lift trucks, and stump grinding machinery. All in all, we have every tool to maintain or uproot a tree. What sets us apart is our willingness to customize the service for your needs and the issue at hand. Besides being skilled, we’re always prepared - to take on the worst.

If you’re worried about the health of one of your trees or last night’s storm has left your yard in a mess, give us a call to book an appointment for an evaluation. Once we determine the services you’ll require, our team will be working tirelessly to ensure your yard looks even better than it did earlier.

Throughout the years, our clientele has expanded, but our commitment to providing top-notch horticultural services and exceptional customer experience hasn’t wavered.

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    Our Values

    Whether it’s the tedious task of tree removal or regular pruning, we adhere to our values. Our aim is to offer you the best services with minimal worry at your end.


    In our line of work, safety should be the utmost priority – we make sure of it. We go beyond the recommended safety protocols to deal with any unexpected harm we might face during tree removal.


    Like quality and consistency, our social and environmental stewardship has been unshakable over the years. While doing what we do, we make sure that we’re not posing a threat to the environment or society. We realize that our job comes with a big responsibility, and we’re ever ready to take it on.


    Our team consists of expert tree doctors equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with any tree problem you may be facing. Owing to our years of experience, we can quickly solve first-time issues too.


    We practice consistency in terms of quality and training since both go hand in hand. All our employees undergo training sessions to learn the latest and safest methods of tree removal. Moreover, we’re the pioneers of employing modern techniques for tree cutting and pruning. Since their services are honed continuously, our employees can tackle even the most challenging tree issues.

    No One Does Tree Removal Spokane Better

    As much as we love trees, we recognize the danger they pose when fallen. That’s why we’ve made it our utmost priority to provide timely service. Punctuality being our specialty, we’re always at your beck and call. If you suspect root weakening or anything else that might point towards your tree’s degradation, our professionals will do their best to save your botanical asset.
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    Why Choose Tree Services Spokane?

    Living in Spokane, you’ll inevitably have to deal with rain, dryness, and extreme weather in the winters. To deal with all the tree damage that comes with weather conditions, we’re here for you. Here’s why our tree services Spokane stand out:

    ISA Certification
    Although being certified by the International Society of Arboriculture isn’t mandatory, we still did it to guarantee that we’re dedicated to providing the best services.
    We didn’t get this certification overnight. Instead, we had to work for it - and we were happy to do that for our clients. We want our clients to rest easy, knowing that they’ve hired the best team in the region to take care of their arboriculture needs.
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    Transparent Pricing
    We know the plight of a homeowner who has to deal with a fallen tree or a broken stump. We’d never want to add to their worries. That’s why we offer fair pricing with utmost transparency.
    Since there are no hidden or additional costs, you’ll only pay what was finalized upon evaluation. Compared to other services in the region, our prices aren’t just economical but also fair. However, being easy on the pocket doesn’t mean we fall behind in quality. We merely offer high quality at reasonable prices.
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    Safety Precautions
    Arboriculture, although sounding serene, isn’t the safest job of all. Thus, we take the necessary precautions to minimize the likelihood of an accident.
    Moreover, we ensure that your home and our employees are safe before starting an operation. Due to our diligence, we’ve thankfully never had a severe accident in all our years of working.
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    No Size Restrictions
    Unlike some other tree services Spokane, we don’t have a limitation on size. Regardless of how big or small the tree is, we can trim, remove, mulch, and grind it.
    Larger trees can be a bit of a hard task to take on, but we have prior experience with giant plants. Thus, handling larger trees is no concern for us. Heavy machinery and appropriate equipment are required to remove or prune such trees. That’s why you should not make this your weekend project. Instead, hire us for the job, and our knowledgeable staff will take the task off your hands.
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    Despite the safety protocols and attention to detail, our team is still not invincible to damage and injury. Since tree removal is a risky business, we’re fully insured. Thus,
    the homeowner is not liable for any damage to our professionals on their property. Suppose one of our team members gets hurt while trimming your tree. You won’t be held responsible for anything. Our insurance plan covers it all. Comprising heavy lifting, overhead work, and complicated machinery, our job is risky - for us and your property. In case your property gets damaged during operation, our insurance will cover it. Don’t take it as a red flag, though. We rarely make mistakes. But, it’s humanly impossible for us to promise a 100% error-free experience. Therefore, we believe insurance to be a wise investment and an added perk for our clients. While uninsured companies may charge you lower, the risk is simply not worth it.
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    Although necessary, experience and skill aren’t the only things we look for in employees. Our team is also extremely respectful and lives up to the highest levels of professionalism.
    We’re pros and interacting with people, making our customers feel comfortable, and effectively communicating with them. In years of tree management, we’ve realized the importance of proper communication between the clients and us. Therefore, it’s our number one priority.
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    Top-Notch Equipment
    Over the years, we’ve expanded our fleet to include trucks and equipment required to trim, cut, and remove trees. Having the right equipment is crucial for tree management.
    From smaller things like a chainsaw to larger machinery like chipper trucks, we have it all. We realize the importance of proper machines to do our job effectively. Therefore, we constantly update our fleet, bringing in new equipment as per the modern advancements.
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    Quick and Efficient
    We focus on doing our work right. Keeping professionalism in mind, we do our job properly, going the extra mile to satisfy our clients. Yet, we don’t take too long.
    Since we’ve been doing this for years, everything is at our fingertips now. We don’t dawdle around or waste time. Instead, we start planning as soon as you share your concerns with us. Once you give us the ‘go’ signal, we get to work immediately and get out of your way as soon as possible.
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    Guaranteed Results
    Our tree services Spokane yield results - every single time. The trees we work on tend to last longer and grow better. In the past few years, we’ve perfected our technique
    to help bring greenery back to life. If a tree is damaged beyond saving, we bid it a necessary farewell by offering tree removal Spokane services. Our customers are witnesses to the growth that trees go through once we’re done grooming them.
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    Certified Arborists At Your Service
    Boasting a team of certified tree doctors, we’re committed to your safety and health. Our ISA-Certified arborists adhere to safety guidelines for tree removal. Delivering the highest level of professionalism, we ensure that the tree removal goes as smoothly for you as possible, with minimal interference in your homely activities.

    Areas Where We Provide Our Services

    We take great honor in announcing that our services are available in Spokane and the adjoining regions. Whether it’s a tree-related emergency or a routine trimming, we’re here. Although we’re primarily based in Spokane, we’re willing to cater to nearby premises.

    In most cases, our services depend on the area’s convenience. If it’s in easy reach, we’re at the site immediately. Otherwise, it takes up a bit longer to start the operation. Nevertheless, we’re available at all times. Depending on the distance, the cost may differ too.

    If you’re unsure of our service provision in your region, give us a call right now. We’ll respond immediately to address your concerns. Regardless of the weather or the day of the week, we’re always at work. Don’t think twice before calling us for a consultation or setting up an appointment. For regular queries, fill in our contact form.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How much does it cost to cut down a tree in Spokane?

    The tree removal Spokane costs differ according to the size of the tree. For a smaller tree, the rates range from $150 to $450. For a medium-sized tree, the cost goes up to $850 or higher. These trees are 30 to 60 feet in height. As for taller trees, above 60 feet, the cost starts from $500 and can go up to $1000.

    How can they reduce the damage to your property?

    Removing and trimming trees can reduce damage to property in multiple ways. Firstly, it helps keep the trees away from the windows and doors. You don’t want a huge tree branch smashing through the window on a windy day. Secondly, stumps can cause drainage issues. That’s why it’s essential to remove them to prevent flooding in your yard.

    Thirdly, removing trees can help prevent damage to other plants in your garden too. A dead tree will be hazardous to the surrounding flora. Thus, you need to deal with it as soon as possible. More importantly, dead or overgrown trees can also damage the hardscapes. Removing them completely or giving them a trim can help solve this problem.

    Does Clean Cut Tree Service do pruning?

    Yes, Clean Cut Tree Service provides tree lopping and pruning solutions. For the past 25 years, the arborists have pruned countless trees in their locality. Besides residential properties, their services also extend to the commercial sector.

    Why are we called tree removal?

    We’re called tree removal service providers because that’s exactly what we do. If there’s a dead or dying tree in your house that may cause damage to the property, we remove it from the premises. Additionally, we remove trees that sustain damage or break as a result of snow, wind, or rain. However, before removal, we ensure that we’ve done everything possible to save the tree.

    What is stump grinding?

    Stump grinding refers to the process of breaking the stump into smaller pieces. Stumps reduce the attractiveness of a property. Plus, if they start rooting, they can cause other problems in the soil and the hardscape. That’s why removing them is the right thing to do.

    Stump grinders have a rotating blade that is powerful enough to cut through wood. The teeth of this blade cut the wood into smaller pieces. Then, the person operating the grinder moves the machine around the stump to reduce it below the ground level.

    Since the cutter has hydraulic cylinders inside it to control the wheel’s movements, the grinder can push through the stump laterally and lower its level.

    Should I cut down a tall dead tree?

    No matter how tall a tree is, if it’s dead, it’s no good for your home or its aesthetic. Not only is a dead tree prone to falling, but it’s also not growing, so it will always stay that size. You can plant a new tree in its place to restore your property’s beauty.

    However, do not cut down a tree yourself. Regardless of how good you are at home improvement projects, you won’t be able to remove a tree safely. Trees are giant plants and can easily fall on you or the property.

    Thus, it’s better to hire professionals for this particular home project. Make sure the arborists have liability insurance for property and physical damage to the employees. In this way, if an accident involving the arborist or your property occurs during operation, insurance will cover it.

    Are your staff qualified and experienced?

    Yes, our staff has sufficient training for the tree removal Spokane services we offer. Initially, our recruits go through introductory training to learn the art of tree trimming, removing and pruning.

    However, we don’t just stop there. We also offer our team continuous training, familiarizing them with new technology, techniques, and methods. As for the experience, we’ve been in this field for years. No matter what your tree-related emergency is, it’s highly likely that we’ve seen it before and will be able to assist you immediately.

    Tree Services Spokane
    Tree Services
    Tree Services
    Tree Services
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    Equipped with years of experience and a team that’s always ready to take on a challenge, we’re one of the most reliable tree doctors in Spokane. Being a rainy town, Spokane homes are often subjected to botanical problems, and we’re always a call away. Offering to prune, cutting, trimming, and removal services, maintaining trees is our forte.
    Equipped with years of experience and a team that’s always ready to take on a challenge, we’re one of the most reliable tree doctors in Spokane. Being a rainy town, Spokane homes are often subjected to botanical problems, and we’re always a call away. Offering to prune, cutting, trimming, and removal services, maintaining trees is our forte.
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